Heart of the School Awards: Thanking our exceptional principals

Behind every high-achieving school is a great principal. This is a fact borne out in national research, as well as nearly every conversation I’ve had with parents or students about their school.

logo_hotsa_colorIt’s hard to think of a more difficult – or important – job than being a principal. Creating a culture that gives every child the opportunity to thrive academically requires a high degree of leadership, dedication, motivation, and hard work — especially in an urban district like ours. The individuals who do this job well deserve our thanks.

All of us here at the Fund for Educational Excellence are excited and honored to be joining together with Baltimore City Public Schools, as well as business, foundation and community partners, to host the first annual Heart of the School Awards on May 23, 2016. This will be an opportunity to celebrate and thank all City Schools principals, and recognize a handful of exceptional leaders who have demonstrated exemplary innovation, execution, and leadership, building strong school cultures.

We need your help in getting the message out to make this event a success. Please share this email with anyone you think might be interested to let them know that nominations are now being accepted for the Heart of the School Awards. If you personally know of a principal who is excelling and should be recognized at the event, please nominate him or her! The nomination process is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to complete at: www.HeartoftheSchoolAwards.org.

All nominations are due by February 12, 2016. Principals from every school type and grade level (elementary, middle, high; traditional and charter; alternative and specialized), are eligible.

Based on the nominations we receive, a group composed of the Fund, community members, and district staff will select finalists for the award, with winners announced at the May 23rd event. We will keep you posted on plans for the Heart of the School event as we get closer to the date.

Thank you in advance for helping us let our principals know just how much the community values their commitment to our schools and children!