City Speaks: Community Voices on Baltimore Schools

Today I am very excited to share with all of you our new report, City Speaks: Community Voices on FFEE-Blog03Baltimore Schools. The report documents the results of our comprehensive, citywide listening campaign to engage the community – in all its diversity – in defining priorities for our public schools. The report highlights four key themes we heard from 859 participants across Baltimore City, as well as our recommendations for next steps.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read the report here.

The City Speaks study has been both fascinating and satisfying for all of us here at the Fund. Hearing the voices of our communities, especially their strong commitment to our students and clear desire to help improve our public education system, has been an incredibly energizing experience. I want to thank our more than 100 volunteers – hosts, facilitators and advisors – who made this effort possible.

I want to invite you to visit our dedicated City Speaks website. There you’ll find information on the top ten themes identified by participants, as well as community profiles that detail the priorities we heard in each of Baltimore City’s 55 community statistical areas.

And, be sure to check out both the op ed and article that appeared in today’s Baltimore Sun about the study.

The City Speaks report represents the first public release of the Fund’s ongoing Analysis and Engagement effort to identify and advance interventions that can significantly improve student outcomes. Our goal is to create both community demand and tangible opportunities to build a better public education system for all our students. I look forward to sharing more of this work with you in the future.

City Speaks is all about hearing people’s voices, and I hope you will help us continue this discussion on Facebook or Twitter at #cityspeaks. I look forward to your thoughts and input in the days and weeks to come.


Roger Schulman