What We Do

The Fund works to eliminate chronic barriers to student success. We convene students, families, partners, funders, educators and advocates to identify issues that need to be addressed, explore options and opportunities, offer practical recommendations, and guide the process for turning those recommendations into solutions. The Fund works in close partnership with City Schools to strategically secure, and manage financial resources required to significantly improve the experience and outcomes of City Schools’ students. Finally, the Fund shines a light on excellent work happening within Baltimore and around the country in order to promote policies and practices that are good for students.

The Fund’s work is flexible, entrepreneurial, and thoughtful. It includes:

  • convening and engaging with students and families to give voice to their experience
  • exploring options and developing recommendations for systematic changes to school district policies, processes and programs
  • researching and sharing best practices for the systematic issues that impact students and families
  • creating partnerships and collaborations that build and mobilize support for systematic improvement and new approaches
  • creating, piloting and managing programs that support schools and school-based staff while improving experiences and outcomes for students
  •  attracting and securing public and private funding to implement programs and develop resources that benefit City Schools’ students
  • inspiring the recognition and promotion of excellence in schools through honors and awards, events, financial support, media and public communications.