About Us

Founded in 1984, the Fund is a Baltimore-based non-profit organization that works to secure the resources necessary to support innovation and increase student achievement in City Schools. Wholly committed to improving educational opportunities for students in our city’s public schools, the Fund focuses our efforts on improving City Schools at a systemic level to make it a place where all children can thrive and succeed academically. More…

Our Mission

To secure the financial, human, and knowledge resources necessary to support policy and practice resulting in increased achievement for Baltimore City Public Schools students.

Our Vision
Educational excellence for all Baltimore City Public Schools students.

Our Guiding Principles
•  The education provided in City Schools should result in students who are prepared to be successful in college and/or career endeavors.

•  Every City Schools should have effective teachers and leaders who improve achievement and close the achievement gap.

•  All City Schools should create a supportive and engaging environment for students and families.

•  All City Schools’ families and students should be provided a choice of high quality schools from a portfolio of diverse and accessible options.