About Us

Mission and Vision

Founded in 1984, the Fund for Educational Excellence is Baltimore’s independent public education fund. We are guided by a commitment to systemic change to reverse decades of public policy decisions that have disproportionately hurt and disadvantaged students of color. The Fund’s mission is to expand resources, identify and accelerate solutions, and recognize excellence so that all children in Baltimore City Public Schools experience an effective and equitable education.

As an independent nonprofit organization, the Fund works as a trusted partner with the school district, students and parents, funders, and educational advocates. This unique position allows the Fund to clearly identify needs, offer honest insight and advice, develop creative solutions, and forge meaningful partnerships and collaborations that build support to tackle complicated issues and implement effective change.

To change the system, the Fund shines a light on the issues critical to excellence in Baltimore public education including:

  • family and student engagement
  • teacher and principal retention, recognition, and talent development
  •  school choice
  • literacy
  • educational equity
  • college and career readiness
  • educational funding

Equity Statement

While the Fund is steadfast in its commitment to equity for all students regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, religion, or immigration status, our equity approach will focus specifically on racial and socioeconomic equity.

It is impossible to consider the current context of City Schools without taking into account our City’s history of racial injustice. For the majority of children in Baltimore City the ramifications of these injustices are ongoing. By proactively considering and measuring the impact of policy, practice, program, and resources provided to students of color and those living on the lowest socioeconomic margins; by intentionally engaging those most impacted by our schools in the problem solving process; by co-creating new opportunities for students and families, the Fund seeks to play a role in reversing the negative effects caused by systemic racism.